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The social mission of the arts and humanities at UC San Diego is central to a great public university. They teach us how to read and write and show us ways of teaching others to live fully and creatively in society…
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Office of the Dean
Division of Arts and Humanities
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive # 0406
La Jolla, CA 92093-0406

tel: (858) 534-6270
fax: (858) 534-0091


The Arts and Humanities alumni of UCSD constitute the enduring legacy of this Division throughout the region, throughout the state of California, throughout the nation, and throughout the world. We have trained thousands and thousands of artists and scholars who have gone on to distinguished careers in the arts, in the academic world, in non-profit and non-governmental institutions, and in the professions. Most importantly perhaps, they have also gone on to pursue engaged, fulfilling, and exciting lives. They are our progeny; as such, we revel in their accomplishments and we celebrate their achievements. We are tremendously proud of them and of what they do.

We are eager to connect our alumni with current students, faculty, and staff on campus, with each other, and with the wider community through activities and programs that stimulate, interest, loyalty, and support. Your insights, suggestions, comments, and criticisms help us continually to refine and improve what we do; your commitment and pride in our mission sustains our spirits and focuses our energies; and your generous gifts make possible the realization of the dreams and goals that are the animating force of the Division as a whole. To the right you will find a list of alumni resources and related items of interest that will enable you to sustain your ties with the campus – even if you are separated from it by long distance or long spans of time between visits.

Please let us know what you are doing; tell us about your current and future plans. We are happy to help you establish contact with other graduates, like-minded colleagues, and well-remembered teachers and mentors. Maintaining a life-long link with an active, informed, and gratified alumni cadre is a major objective of the Division of Arts and Humanities. Join us in nurturing an Arts and Humanities community at UCSD that spans the generations and that insures our future. For questions, please contact Jennie Van Meter, the Director of Alumni Affairs, at 858-534-9048.